Please read the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Terms and Conditions”) before using the Chaincreator.exchange.com (the “Service”, “Website”, “us”, “we”, or “our”)


By using the Website and registering at the Website, Clients agree to these Terms and Conditions and will comply with this agreement.

By registering at the Website, (i.e. by creating an account) you agree that you are at least 18 years old and you have legal capacity to trade at Operator’s Website.

The virtual currency laws may vary from country to country. Please make sure that you are not breaking the law of the country in which you reside and/or the country from which you access the Internet.

By registering at the Website, you agree that you will never use the Service for any illegal purposes including but not limited to money laundering, illegal gambling operations, financing of terrorism or hacking.

We do not provide investment forecast, recommendations or any consulting or advice for that matter. Therefore, neither the Website, nor the experts can be hold responsible for the Client’s investment decisions, including, but not limited to any loss of assets and damage resulting from Client’s decisions.

We highly recommend Clients to conduct independent analysis or turn to professional services for making any investment decisions.




Account the whole of records and access information created during the process of registration and during the activity of the Client at the Website. Account includes Business Account too.

Account Verification the Operator verify the Client’s identity using their personal documents. The process of verification is specified below.

Business Account a virtual account managed by the Operator. Client’s current financial resources managed by the Operator are recorded on this account.

Buyer a Client who buys virtual currencies through Operator’s Service.

Client, You a legal person or a natural person registered at the Website, the account holder. Identical to User.

Management of Business Accounts According to these Terms and Conditions, Clients agree to provide current, TRUE and complete information, especially during registration and generally for the purposes of the Service trade. The Client agrees to use only one Business Account, the Client will never use Business Accounts of other Clients.

Match orders the pair of orders that apply:

  1. one order from this pair is the buy order and the second order from the pair is the sell order
  2. both orders relate to the same virtual currency
  3. both orders have adequate minimal amount for realization

Operator Chaincreator.exchange.com

Payment Order a Client’s order processed by the Website according to Client’s instructions.

Seller a Client who sells virtual currencies through Operator’s Service.

Service, Website the website of the www.chaincreator.exchange.com Operator, mediating virtual currency trade using the Match Commands.

Terms these Terms and Conditions as amended.

Transaction a complete trade between a seller and a Buyer.

User a legal person or a natural person registered at Operator’s Website, the account holder. Identical to Client.

Virtual Currencycountable immaterial properties, which can be purchased, transferred and changed for material properties. Virtual currency is for example Bitcoin, a currency defined at http://bitcoin.org.

Volatility a measure for variation of virtual currency value, usually the standard deviation of these variations during a certain time interval. Volatility reflects the measure of virtual currency investment risks.


We provide online Virtual Currency Service that allows Clients to trade with virtual currencies.


Clients agree to pay the fees charged by the Operator for a complete transaction.

The fees for purchases or sales of Virtual Currency are displayed on the Website per one complete transaction. These fees may vary depending on the Client account.

We can charge fees for deposits and withdrawals of Virtual Currency from the Service system. These fees may vary depending on the Service through which the Client deposit or withdraw funds.

The fees are stated at each specific service or currency.


According to AML/CFT policy, Clients prove their identity to the Operator, when they deposit money into a Client’s account at the Website via bank transfer. In order to verify a Client’s identity, the Operator needs the scanned copy of Client’s ID card and the scanned copy of Client’s electricity bill or their bank statement delivered to Client’s address. These documents must not be older than 6 months. You should provide high quality color copies.


The Operator mediates buys and sells of virtual currencies to Clients, using Match orders.

The purchase of Virtual Currency at the Website is realized by entering Client’s buy order after its favorable pairing. The sell of Virtual Currency at the Website is realized by entering Client’s sell order after its favorable pairing.

When purchasing virtual currency within the Service, the adequate amount of money will not be debited from Client’s Business Account immediately, the amount will be only blocked. When the Seller meets the commitment, Buyer’s amount will be unblocked and transferred to Seller’s Business Account. Seller’s business deposit will be unblocked too. After the validation of the transaction, the Seller and the Buyer will pay the fee in favor of the Operator for the mediation of the transaction.


Clients agree that the Operator is not responsible for any damage, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of business, data loss, indirect or direct loss caused by negligence or by aware illegal activity of Clients and third parties and also caused by violating Client’s obligations stated in these Terms and Conditions. The Operator is not responsible for any damage caused by mistake or intention of third parties.

Some parts of the Website may contain links to other websites with information potentially interesting to Users. When you click on the link, you leave the Service website. The Operator is not responsible for any current or future content of the websites controlled by third parties. The Operator is not responsible or liable for the content of the websites of third parties.

The Operator is not responsible for any damage and harm caused by force majeure events, as well as for damage caused by court decisions, the decisions of prosecutor’s office, police, public authority and administration, as well as other legal authorities that can order anything to the Operator. The Operator is not responsible for any damage and harm caused by the changes of legislation and Terms and Conditions.


Changing the content of the Website, reproducing it or publicly displaying the content, spreading or using the content for any public or commercial purposes without Operator’s written permission is strictly forbidden. The materials on this Website are protected by copyright and their unauthorized use can mean violation of copyright laws, trademark law and other laws.

The Operator reserves the right to terminate the Service. Clients will be informed about the termination of the Service by e-mail. The Operator will transfer all Clients funds, that were managed on their Business Accounts to Clients bank accounts after deducting their obligations to the Operator.


The Operator reserves the right to change these Terms at any time. The Operator is obliged to inform Clients about these changes by e-mail and/or on the Website.

If you continue to use the Service after these changes of Terms, it signifies that you accept and agree to the changes. The Client is obliged to act according to new Terms.


We would like to inform you, that the Virtual Currency laws may vary in different countries. Please make sure that you are not breaking the law of the country in which you reside.

You also agree that you will never use the Service for any illegal purposes including money laundering, illegal gambling operations, financing of Terrorism or hacking.


Procedures, principles and values set in these Terms reflect the honest and professional conduct of the Operator. Code of Ethics is a basis for the Operator’s decisions and behavior in order to maintain the highest ethical standards throughout the society.

AML-CFT Policy

The Operator is fully aware of the risks arising from possible misuse of the Service to legalize proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism through the activities of risky customers.

The Operator’s Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Policy (hereinafter referred to as AML-CFT Policy) reflects the Operator’s sustained efforts to create effective mechanisms to eliminate these risks and to detect unwanted activities arising from them.

The Operator’s AML-CFT Policy:

  1. is governed by the legislation of the European Union;
  2. respects international standards in this area;
  3. follows the principles of Know Your Customer especially:
    • name matching against international lists of persons and movements under sanction;
    • analysis and verification of the Client’s true identity; and
    • more rigorous identification and verification of the Client if necessary.
  4. monitors Clients Accounts in case of suspicious transactions;
  5. does not create anonymous accounts and does not register Clients who refuse to undergo the identification; and
  6. train and inform the employees.


Virtual Currency Risks. Virtual Currencies such as Bitcoin are open-source peer-to-peer payment networks and they are able to send money to each other without any central server. The network is secured by cryptography, that allows to use only the money belonging to the Client, and it prevents the reuse of spent money. Bitcoin cannot be influenced or counterfeit, nobody can manage the network. This system is anonymous, non-controllable and international. The final amount of Bitcoin is known in advance, the release of Bitcoin into circulation is defined in the source code.

Virtual Currency is not an official currency protected by national bank. The price of the Virtual Currency is influenced by a free global market, due to the changes in supply and demand, the price can be very volatile. The price can be influenced by the theft of the currency, hacker attacks, legislation in different countries etc. And other risks that are not mentioned in these Terms may occur.

Virtual Currency is susceptible to irrational movements and it may lead to the loss of confidence, which may cause the collapse of the currency. It means that the value of Client’s investment can significantly increase or decrease.

Virtual Currencies are not controlled by any authority and it is impossible to cancel any completed payment in this currency.

Due to the risks arising from the Virtual Currency trade, we recommend that you carefully consider your financial situation and your ability to handle risks.

By using the Service, you acknowledge all risks arising from the Virtual Currency trade.

Trade Risks. The Operator does not guarantee that the Buyer or the Seller finds the best buy offer and the best sell offer. The Operator is not responsible for the exchange of the Virtual Currency between Clients.

The risk is only on the Client’s side. The Seller is responsible for the correct remittance and the Buyer is providing TRUE information. The Operator is an arbitrator who oversees the proper fulfillment of obligations and reserves the right to penalize Clients when they do not meet their commitments.


If you create or use Business Account and fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions or if you help other persons to violate these Terms or Governing Law, all your accounts related to these intentional activities will be blocked.

If the suspicious activity is related to the Client’s account, the Operator reserves the right to request additional information about the Client, including the authentication of documents and the possibility to block all business activity at the Website.

Clients shall immediately inform the Operator of any unauthorized use of their Accounts or passports or any other breach of security by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Any user who fails to comply with these Terms and Conditions risks the termination of the registration and may be held liable for the Operator’s loss or for other user’s loss.


E-mail communication is insecure, and the Operator is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the abuse of electronic communication.


All services are provided without any guarantee of availability, we cannot guarantee that the access will not be temporarily interrupted, that there will be no delays, failures, errors or loss of transferred information.

The Operator’s aim is the 100% availability of the Website, but due to its nature, the Website is often a target of DDOS attacks.

The Operator reserves the right to shut down the Website for the necessary period of time that will be announced in advance. The shutdown of the Website may occur unintentionally, for example in case of emergency.


The Operator may provide access to Client’s Account through API (Application Programming Interface). Using the API, it is possible to manage remotely a User’s Account at the Website. These APIs are free of charge.

According to API limits (it is possible to send 500 requests in 10 minutes), the Clients will be blocked for one hour by the spotter if they exceed the limit.


Search and abuse of vulnerabilities of the Service system is strictly prohibited. For safety reasons, any system access is logged.


The Client has the right to cancel their Account at any time. If the Client decides to cancel their Account, the Operator will disable Client’s Account, but it cannot be done until all Client’s commitments to the Operator and to other Clients they traded with at the Website are fulfilled. When all the commitments are fulfilled, all Client’s funds will be transferred to Account, from which the funds were originally used. AKG: How will be the termination procedure?

The Operator reserves the right to suspend or terminate Client’s Account for any reason, included but not limited to:

  1. the case when the Client’s activity violates the Terms and Conditions;
  2. the case of non-payment of business transactions or the case of fraud;
  3. the case of non-payment of fees to the Operator;
  4. on request of law enforcement or other state institutions;
  5. the case of unauthorised attempts to enter the Website or Clients Accounts;
  6. the case of search and abuse of vulnerabilities of the Service;
  7. the case of use of the Service for illegal purposes, such as money laundering, illegal gambling operations, financing of terrorism or other illegal activity.

The suspension or termination of an Account does not affect the commitments arising from the latest business transactions.

The Operator reserves the right to cancel all unconfirmed accounts or Accounts, that have not been active longer that 6 months from the day of the creation of the Account. If your last transaction took place at the Website 12 month ago and earlier, the Operator has the right to cancel your Account. In this case, all commitments must be fulfilled.


We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions or the Service, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail [email protected]

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